Bremont aims to make exquisitely engineered mechanical timepieces on British soil with the lofty objective of reinvigorating the nation's horological past, using our adventurous spirit, passion for detail, desire to innovate and dedication to the highest quality of customer satisfaction.

British Engineering

Great Britain has a wonderful history when it comes to watch making and has probably been the home to more advances in horology than any other nation.  Bremont is determined to play a pivotal role in the reinvigoration of this industry on British shores. Bremont builds many of its own watch components at its state-of-the-art parts manufacturing facility in Silverstone. As a company we verge on the obsessive in the desire to produce watches that are over-engineered for the task in hand. This passion becomes very evident when you hold a Bremont watch.

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Aviation and Military

The love and passion for aviation has coursed through the founders' veins from very early in their childhoods. There has always been a very close association between time and aviation since the first brave adventurers took to the skies over 100 years ago. The love of aviation and its uncompromising demands are both inherent in every Bremont watch. Hand-in-hand with Bremont's love of aviation is the company's appreciation of military. Bremont has worked closely with the military for a number of years.

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A key design requisite for the timepieces from the outset was the desire to make beautifully robust and durable watches that were at home both in the work place, and of course in rather more physical environments. The watches continue to be tested to the limits, both in the workshop but also by Bremont's ambassadors and partners.

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