Bremont has stepped up to be title sponsor of ‘Bremont Project Possible’, the extreme mountaineering feat that Bremont ambassador Nims has embarked on.

Ahead of Nims setting off to undertake Phase 3, the final phase of this monumental challenge, Bremont caught up with him and its other ambassadors to grasp just how difficult this challenge is...


Peak 11: Broad Peak summit reached on July 26 2019 at 0850 hrs

Back at K2 base camp, Nims and the team spent a few hours unpacking from their successful climb and preparing the gear for Broad Peak. With wet boots and summit suits from K2, the team needed to prepare themselves for their second summit in two days so these few hours were crucial to regroup and repack.

With no time to waste, the team moved to Broad Peak base camp at 0300hrs on July 25th with intentions of summiting the next day.

After 15 hours of hard work, they made it to the summit of Broad Peak. This peak proved to be the toughest yet, both mentally and physically, due to the magnitude of the challenge taking it's toll on the team.

With just three climbers in the summit team for Broad Peak, it was hard work and more tiring than before. Nims nearly aborted the climb due to safety reasons but after evaluating the risks and the overall conditions, they continued forward and eventually reached the summit at 08:50 local time.

For most, this task is beyond possible but the Bremont Project Possible team continue to prove that determination and mental resilience makes the impossible, possible.

K2 climb

Peak 10: K2 summit reached on July 24 2019 at 0740 hrs

Despite other teams aborting their climb to the summit of K2, Nims and his team made the decision to defy the odds and dangerous conditions and aim for the summit of K2. On arrival at base camp, many other climbers had left and those that remained were waiting in the hope that Nims would be able to fix the route for the first time this season to allow them to follow in his tracks. Leading his fixing team, Nims opened the route to the summit and successfully stood on the summit of K2 alongside the Bremont Project Possible team on July 24th at 07:40 local time. The fixing team members included Lakpadendi Sherpa, Gesman Tamang, Changba Sherpa and Lakpa Temba Sherpa.

Nims K2 summit

Peak 9: G2 summit reached on July 18 2019

G2, which stands at 8035m was the third peak in the challenge for Nims and the Bremont Project Possible team. Just two days after reaching the summit of G1, Nims successfully summited G2.

Reflecting after these two summits, Nims deliberated on which peak to aim for next. Dangerous conditions were stopping fellow climbers from attempting K2 and it was yet to be summited this season. With two more mountains to summit in Phase two, Nims was left to choose between which peak to attempt first; K2 or Broad Peak.

Nims summits G2

Peak 8: G1 summit reached on July 15 2019

After a successful summit and descent of his first peak Nanga Parbat, Nims and the Bremont Project Possible team started their journey to G1, the next peak in his challenge. The journey consisted of a mix of trekking and travelling via road which poised many challenges for the team from mechanical issues to the donkeys being unable to keep up with the quick pace, putting them hours behind schedule each day. After a few days of problems blocking the team from their progression to G1, Nims made the decision to carry their full climbing kit themselves in a bid to cover the ground and make the time up that they had lost.

All in agreement, the team carried all of their heavy gear in high altitude and skipped three camps that provided rest to ensure they made it to the base camp on time. On recahing Concordia, they found three porters who were able to help carry the load and give the team a much needed rest from the weight of their gear.

Reaching the basecamp for G1 and G2 after an 8 day trek which covered 40km, Nims and the team planned ahead to attempt to summit G1, G2 and K2 all within a week. They summited G1 on July 15th.

Nims climbs G1

Peak 7: Nanga Parbat summit reached on July 03 2019

Nims started Phase two of Bremont Project Possible in secret due to security reasons and went for the summit of Nanga Parbat, a peak of 8126m, on July 3rd. This was his first summit of Phase 2.

As you can see from the news of me summitting Nanga Parbat, Phase 2 has officially begun! Having started secretly for security reasons, I can now share news of my 7th summit in just over 4 weeks, as well as the fact that the reason this has been possible for me to continue is thanks to Bremont who has stepped up to be Title Sponsor of Project Possible 14/7.”

“I’m extremely overwhelmed by the financial support and morale that @Bremontwatches have given me at a crucial stage of the Project, in order to facilitate phase 2 of Project Possible. Without this support, I would have no longer been able to continue in my endeavour to climb all 14 8000m peaks within 7 months. Thank you @Bremont for believing in me and Project Possible once again.”

“I’m back on track ... blazing a trail!

Nims summits Nanga Parbet

Having now summitted 10 of the world’s highest peaks and with a further 4 to go, this significant funding comes at a critical time in the expedition when Nims might not have been able to continue due to lack of financial support. By ensuring phase two of ‘Bremont Project Possible’, Bremont hopes that the remaining, much more marginal, shortfall will be met for phase three as Nims continues to smash records and summit the world’s 14 highest peaks. Bremont has made this commitment to Nims as what he’s doing is not only truly remarkable but pushes the boundaries of human endeavour.

Nims wears the Bremont S300 White.

Bremont S300

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