Do all your watches contain a Faraday Cage?

Bremont Models that contain Faraday Cages include the Terra Nova, Endurance, MB, U-2/SS and Supermarine S500/S2000 models with closed case backs. Faraday Cages cannot be fitted in models with exhibition case backs.

Do all your watches have Super-LumiNova® on the dials? (Glow in the Dark)

Many Bremont watches have Super-LumiNova® on the dial. The exceptions include – ALT1-C polished & gold models, Jaguar models, SOLO-32 and SOLO-37.

How do I buy an MBI?

You are eligible to buy a Bremont MBI if you have ejected from an aeroplane with a Martin-Baker ejection seat, in which case please contact the Military & Special Projects Team with your ejection date and number and we will initiate the approval and order process.

How long is the Power Reserve of my watch?

This varies according to model, as follows:
38 hours – AC1, Airco, Boeing 1, Jag MKIII, MBIII, U2, U22, SOLO, SOLO 32, SOLO 37, S300, S500, & Norton
42 hours – ALT1 models, Boeing 247, Jag MKII, MBII
46 hours – 10th Anniversary
50 hours – Jag MKI and Bremont Wright Flyer

What is a Core Range watch?

The term Core Range is used to refer to those models that are always in production and are of unlimited quantity ie Special and Limited Edition watches are not part of the Core Range.

What is a GMT watch?

A GMT watch is one with a function that shows time in 2 time zones. Bremont GMT models include the ALT1-WT (World Timer) range, ALT1-B, ALT1-ZT range, Boeing 247 TI-GMT, Boeing 1 TI-GMT, Boeing 100 and the MBIII range.

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What is the 12 hour GMT hand?

The Bremont 1918 has a 12 hour hand which allows the wearer to tell the time in an additional time zone.

Which movements do the Solo 43, MB, U2 and Supermarine range use?

Modified calibre 11 ½’’’ BE-36AE automatic chronometer, 25 jewels, Glucydur balance, Anachron balance spring, Nivaflex 1 mainspring, 28,800bph, 38 hour power reserve.

Which movements do your chronographs use?

Calibre 13 ¼''' BE-50AE automatic, 28 jewels, Glucydur balance, Anachron balance spring, Nivaflex 1 mainspring, 28,800bph, 42 hour power reserve.