Bremont has worked tirelessly, and invested huge sums of money, into developing unrivalled watch manufacturing capabilities in the UK. At this moment in time, we see it as our duty and an opportunity to use Bremont’s capabilities to help with manufacturing parts for much needed ventilators in this country.

Bremont has put a bid in to government to offer our services in this way, if and when required. We are yet to hear back but would welcome the opportunity to help our great nation in any way we can at this particularly distressing time. Mechanical watchmaking is micro-engineering that sees us machine movement and watch components to a couple of microns tolerance (a human hair would be around 80 to put that into perspective). With this in mind, we believe our machinery could certainly be put to good use.
Interestingly, Dr Ian Charles Woolrych English, grandfather to Bremont Co-Founders Nick and Giles English, is credited as having developed (with Roger Manley) the Brompton Manley ventilator in 1970. Like his grandsons, Dr English had a keen interest in engineering which is what led to this development. The Brompton Manley ventilator was even given a slot on the BBC’s Tomorrow’s World to discuss the portable artificial ventilation apparatus used in intensive care. As a Cardiothoracic Anaesthetist, Dr English introduced a number of ground-breaking techniques in the 1970s that are now standard practice during major surgery and intensive care, as well as developing apparatus used in theatre worldwide.