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Bremont Race Partner ERA Racing NASCAR debrief

Bremont Race Partner ERA Racing NASCAR debrief
Bremont Race Partner ERA Racing NASCAR debrief

More exciting news from Bremont race partner, ERA Racing, as the team principal, Kyle Tiley took part in the latest round of NASCAR last weekend.

Bremont became a partner to ERA in 2019, when it first supported the racing endeavours of Englishman, Kyle Tiley and his US based team, at the famous Le Mans 24 Hour Endurance Race. A race that sits deeply in the heart of British motorsport, with Jaguar, another Bremont partner, featuring prominently with multi wins throughout the race’s history.

ERA then decided to cross back over the pond to the US to pluck a fantastic LMP2 Class win at the iconic Daytona 24 Hour! A great win for the team that probably went some way to inspire them to try their luck in the most American of motorsports, the crazy and hectic world of NASCAR, with the help of the Live Fast team.

Pre-Race Interview

Kyle and the team set off, in their beautifully Bremont branded Ford, to the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas, for their first round and we asked him a few questions about his intended first foray into NASCAR:

How is driving in NASCAR different from Daytona and Le Mans 24 hour?

Couldn’t be more different! The car, the environment everything feels so alien right now compared to what I’m used to.

What are your race expectations?

For this one, to finish, Learn and have fun!

Have you driven in NASCAR before?...if not, what are you looking forward to most and if yes, how will this time be different?

No, the first time I drove the car was in practice on Friday! Baptism of fire, but I love it!

Do you have a routine that you follow before every race and will NASCAR be any different?

I do, it mainly consists of what I eat and drink pre-race along with some stretching and work on my shoulder (old racing injury!) The only thing different for me this weekend is going to be how I’m watching what some of the guys who have been in the series for a while are doing. I need to learn what I can!

Would you ever wear you Bremont watch during a race, and if so, does it hold up well under the extreme stresses wrought by the race?

Yes!! My Bremont ALTP2 held up great in the car, the #78 Mustang and nascar in general is probably one of the toughest environments for a racing driver, 4+ hours in searing heat! We even have to wear extra shoe covers to deal with it. The watch works as good after as it did before, and I’d wear it again without question.

What is the difference between NASCAR fans and other motorsport fans?

NASCAR has THE most passionate fans I’ve ever encountered!! It’s been so much fun getting acclimated to the series and the fans are a big part of what makes it so special!

Do you, or the team have any post-race traditions?

Several alcoholic beverages....!

Post-race debrief

In a rather washed-out race where rain threatened to wipe out any chance of completing the race, the team came in a gallant 31st out of 40 (8 cars failed to finish in the deluge). Not exactly a baptism of fire, more like a triumph in the face of a tornado!

We caught up with Kyle after the race for his thoughts after his very first experience of NASCAR:

Were there any unexpected challenges?

The lack of visibility from the spray was surprising.

Looking back to when you started, how did you see this journey originally taking you?

Well, I never expected to race in NASCAR! But I’m so glad that I did! It was one of the most rewarding but challenging races I have ever done.

How was it?

Fun, challenging, difficult. All of the above.

Was it scary out there?

No, the rain was an added challenge and there were times that it was unnerving but never scary.

What did you learn?

Everything about the weekend was a learning experience but the big take away was Tyre and car management is key. Keep yourself in position until Stage 3, then go racing!

How different was it from your previous car experience?

It was so different! Apart from having 4 wheels and a steering wheel nothing else was remotely similar! But I love a new challenge!! Once I had figured it out, it was one of the most enjoyable cars I’ve ever raced.

The next race up for ERA/Live Fast Racing will be at Plymouth, Wisconsin on the 4th July…here’s hoping for more clement weather and a continuation of the ERA success story in 2021

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