Bremont is delighted to partner with entrepreneur Jordan Wylie in his “Running Dangerously” quest to compete a 10K, Half-Marathon, and Full-Marathon in three of the most dangerous countries in the world.

Jordan is a former British soldier and current entrepreneur, author and speaker. He plans to complete the endurance runs in Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan with the aim to raise enough money to pay for the education of three children who have been affected by war. 

The three runs through each war-torn country will test Jordan’s mental and physical limits, putting his personal safety at risk.  Jordan will document each endeavour from start to finish, which will then culminate in a 30-minute online documentary to raise awareness and additional support for this very worthy cause. 

The first challenge “Running Dangerously” through Somalia was completed on 21st February 2018.  Next will be Iraq, followed by Afghanistan. We wish Jordan the best of luck as he continues towards his goal and we plan to welcome him to a future Bremont Adventurers Club to hear about his extraordinary experience.

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