wright brothers' plane
wright brothers' plane


Next time you see an airliner soar overhead, or watch wartime footage of aircraft furiously defending European skies, cast your mind back to where it all began. One cold December day way back in 1903, the Wright Flyer became the world’s first successful powered flying machine.


It was the ground-breaking invention of two brothers from Dayton, Ohio. Wilbur and Orville Wright were not scientists. They did not even graduate from high school. And unlike other inventors of the period, they received no sponsorship to fund their endeavors. Yet through sheer perseverance and ingenuity, they became the first to master the principles of controlled flight. It was the catalyst for an incredible century of aviation development that continues into the 21st century. Their pioneering techniques and systems remaining a fundamental part of modern aircraft design to this very day.

Iconic machines like the Spitfire, Concorde and even the Space Shuttle all owe a debt to the Wright Flyer, a humble biplane made of spruce and fabric. The Wright Brothers and their remarkable Wright Flyer truly made history - and continue to do so.


What makes the ultimate aviation timepiece? Bremont has pondered the question for years. Mechanically, it would have to be outstanding. Just as importantly, as with previous Bremont Limited Editions, it would have to incorporate a remarkable piece of history. In historical terms, what could be more remarkable than an original part of the first ever powered aircraft?

bremont wright flyer

bremont wright flyer

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Bremont is renowned for its exclusive limited edition watches which incorporate history into beautiful chronometers. In 2009 the company produced a watch dedicated to a World War Two fighter legend, the iconic P-51 Mustang. A veteran of the Pacific war, it was also known as ‘Fragile but Agile’ and parts of original aluminium from this Mustang were incorporated into the watch build.

When aviation giant Boeing started searching for a watch partner, Bremont’s classic yet subtle treatment of history with the P-51 Limited Edition was a deciding factor in selecting Bremont as the perfect partner to commemorate the rich history of their brand. Discussions between Bremont and Boeing began a number of years ago, discovering that Boeing's expertise in material technology and Bremont's record in beautifully engineered mechanical timepieces complement each other perfectly.


Bremont has also been working extensively with the military. Pilots serving globally from Alaska to Antarctica proudly wear bespoke Bremont watches designed and manufactured especially for their squadrons.

Timepieces have been designed to celebrate flying machines like the Boeing AH-64 Apache gunship and CH-47 Chinook helicopters, the large military transport C-17 Globemaster and state of the art jet fighters like the Boeing F-15 Eagle, F/A-18 Hornet and Super Hornet. At any moment, a Bremont will be airborne somewhere in the world keeping precise time for its pilot owner, even in the harshest of environments.

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The love and passion for aviation has coursed through the founders' veins from very early in their childhoods. There has always been a very close association between time and aviation since the first brave adventurers took to the skies over 100 years ago. The love of aviation and its uncompromising demands are both inherent in every Bremont watch.

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