ERA Motorsport – Daytona 24, 2021

ERA Motorsport – Daytona 24, 2021
ERA Motorsport – Daytona 24, 2021

Bremont’s partnership activity in 2021 kicks off by supporting the Era race team in the famous Daytona 24 Hour race, held on the 26th/27th January. The team follow on from the crash ridden, but impressive, performance at the Le Mans 24 Hour in November when the team finished 15 from a starting grid of 61 cars. The independent team race in the LMP2 class of cars (Le Mans Prototype) at this most iconic of tracks in Florida, US, with the drivers all sporting Bremont Alt1-P2 watches. Sadly, there will be no spectators at the track, but will be available to watch on NBC in the US and on in the UK. You can also keep up with proceedings on our social media channels.


There is no event like the 24 At DAYTONA. It delivers an all-star driving lineup consisting of IMSA regulars plus drivers from other racing disciplines such as NASCAR, IndyCar and Formula 1 and an event experience unlike any other.


The 2021 24 at Daytona will see the return of Era Motorsport to the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship, which the team will celebrate by sporting a livery inspired by a design from a young fan from Ontario, Canada. Six-year-old Owen, who is a third-generation race fan, beat out submissions from all over the world to have his drawing grace the No. 18 Oreca LMP2 car for the season-opening event.

Interview with Drivers - Paul-Loup, Ryan, Kyle

We caught up with the Era drivers to ask them a few questions around the impending race:

The Bremont tagline is ‘tested beyond endurance’. How does an endurance race test you in ways that a standard race doesn’t?

PAUL-LOUP: From my point of view, endurance reflects a large number of qualities even more important than in sprint racing. We need rigour, humility, resistance, patience and, of course, performance. I think that if we manage to combine these 5 qualities, then we can start dreaming of a beautiful result all together

KYLE: A 24hr race is mentally and physically challenging, especially at Daytona with the loads on the banking. Trying to manage yourself and stay fed and hydrated during the race is key.

How have you been getting on the Bremont ALT1-P2 watch?

KYLE: I love it, it has been in the race car with me every session we have done. The dial is so easy to read and stands out so well even at night, that despite doing 200mph it’s easy to read!

Do you feel that the clarity of a mechanical chronometer trumps a digital display when racing?

PAUL-LOUP: I think that this is a matter of the usual and quality of the material. However, of equivalent quality, I think that a mechanical chronometer is more precise.

KYLE: 100% being able to glance at the watch and see the time is a big help.

Do you have any pre-race rituals?

RYAN: When I used to race open wheel cars I always had the same routine when it came to entering and exiting the car, however when I transitioned to Sports Cars where we enter using doors I quickly lost that ritual. So for now no major routines or rituals.

PAUL-LOUP: I don’t have a specific ritual, but I’m paying close attention to all the details in my organisation and preparation in order to be sure to be in the best possible conditions for the race by being 100% concentrated

KYLE: None really, just staying hydrated and relaxed is key to me!

As cars become more advanced, they lean into ‘microchips and motherboards’ rather than ‘petrol and pistons’. Have you had much experience of classic racing cars, like the Jaguars that Bremont have been lucky to work with?

RYAN: I have been lucky enough to have raced from the late 90s to today and experienced so many cool cars along with racing many vintage cars currently. I am a big fan of big noisy thirsty motors, and no electronics.

PAUL-LOUP: I have a little experience with classic cars like the Alpine A110 but I’d like to be able to increase this experience because classic cars are the very DNA of our sport

KYLE: Absolutely!! Era Motorsport specializes in the preparation and restoration of Classic and historic cars, so I have lots of experience with those kinds of cars. The modern cars are so good and so competent but very digital to drive, it’s often refreshing to go back into a car with no driver aids which is very analog! It’s just the car and yourself doing battle!

Of course, both modern and vintage are valid! In addition than the raw, mechanical nature of a Bremont watch, do you appreciate any other tried-and-tested tech?

RYAN: It's hard not to embrace modern technology in many industries but when it comes to race cars and watches I am old school and like the raw mechanical nature of both.

PAUL-LOUP: I am impressed by all the new technologies and what it allows you to do on a daily basis today, however, I am admiring and passionate about manual mechanics in the first sense of the word. To see what men have been able to create and do with courage, strength and determination is something incredible

KYLE: I'm never without my iPhone and headphones! Other than that I’m relatively gadget free.

What does the future look like for ERA Motorsport?

RYAN: It looks great. Much like building a great timepiece its all about sourcing the best ingredients and assembling them correctly. I feel that’s what we have done and where we are ahead of the competition.

PAUL-LOUP: I think Era’s future is brilliant. It’s a team of passionates. Passionate about both automotive and excellence. And for me, passion is an undeniable factor in a quest for success.

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