Bremont Ambassador Nirmal ‘Nims’ Purja conquers K2 in winter with no supplementary oxygen. Deemed to be the last of the great mountaineering challenges, Nims can now add yet another world first to his extraordinary list of achievements. K2 is not only one of the world’s most difficult technical climbs but it’s never been done before in the winter.

On Saturday 16th January Nims Purja and his team successfully summited the aptly named ‘Savage Mountain’ K2 in winter. It is widely recognised as the last great mountaineering challenge to be conquered and there are countless reasons why K2 remained the only 8,000m peak unclimbed during the winter season. Even in summer months, with the most favourable climbing conditions, K2 gained the reputation as ‘Savage Mountain’ and many considered it impossible to climb in winter, until now.

Everything in life is possible armed only with a determined approach and positive mindset. 

Nims Purja MBE

Bremont is incredibly proud to have worked with Nims for a number of years, most crucially being the lead sponsor on his historic mission ‘Bremont Project Possible’ which saw him firmly take his place in the mountaineering record books. Nims completed Bremont Project Possible in less than 7 months, smashing numerous world records. The challenge was to climb Earth’s 14 tallest mountains, all higher than 8,000m and the previous record stood at nearly 8 years; it’s thought unlikely to be broken again.

The Limited Edition Bremont Project Possible commemorates this remarkable feat. Available in just 300 pieces, the GMT diver is made from titanium and bronze featuring a dark blue dial with bronze bezel and ceramic blue insert, teamed with bronze hands. Turning the watch over reveals an open case back through which the rotor can be seen detailing the heights of each of the 14 mountains, and in the order that Nims summited them.

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