Introducing the exclusive Bremont X Private White V.C. Flight Jacket

United by steadfast determination and a shared passion for manufacturing in the UK, the duo has co-designed a limited-edition flight jacket, crafted with quality, comfort and functionality at its forefront. The Private White V.C. x Bremont Flight Jacket is the epitome of luxury utilitarian clothing and taps into Bremont Co-Founders Nick and Giles English’s passion for aviation which subsequently inspired countless aviation inspired watch collections at Bremont.

The garment takes inspiration from the iconic G-1 flight jackets of the Second World War and has been handcrafted using a durable 6oz waxed cotton, developed north of the Scottish border, with Halley Stevensons in Dundee. All yarns and fabrics are sourced from within the UK including a real shearling collar and a layer of tubular quilted 100% wool wadding for optimal insulation. The garment also features PWVC’s signature hand polished copper hardware which comes from RIRI of Switzerland. These exclusive jackets have been designed, developed, and handcrafted from the 159-year-old Private V.C. factory in the heart of central Manchester, the world’s first industrial city.

Our passion for aviation began as children through our father’s love of historic aircraft. Nick and I are both pilots ourselves and we’re truly honoured to work closely with both the British Armed Forces as well as esteemed military units across the globe. A flight jacket felt like the perfect introduction into apparel for Bremont and collaborating with Private White V.C. has been such a pleasure. We all passionately believe in the importance of British manufacturing and engineering, so it’s been a great experience and a privilege to work with James and the Private White V.C. Team.

Giles English, Bremont Co-Founder


“As a staunch British manufacturer, I have been so inspired by the heroics and exploits of Nick and Giles over the past few years. Bremont is the most revered and respected pioneer in British watchmaking and it’s been a brilliant experience co-designing and collaborating with them.”

James Eden, Private White V.C. Co-Founder


About Private White V.C.

Manchester or ‘Cottonopolis’ - as it was dubbed back in the 19th century - has been our home since we opened our doors in 1853. Over the years we have made for kings, and queens, for presidents, and prime ministers, for rock stars, musicians, sporting greats and Hollywood icons. In 1916, we supplied the Allied Forces with cotton gabardine trench coats, and in the 1940s we were commissioned by the Ministry of Defence to supply the RAF with waterproof parkas. In 2020, to help combat the global pandemic of Covid-19, we volunteered our services at the height of lockdown to the Department of Health & Social Care and quickly became the largest manufacturer of medical-grade gowns and surgical masks in the country. As one of the most venerable makers in the country we have been outfitters to the most established tailoring houses on Savile Row whilst our flagship store in the heart of Mayfair continues to serve our loyal customers who visit from all four corners of the globe. To this day, everything is still produced from inside the same 150 year old red-bricked building on the banks of the River Irwell. Nothing is outsourced, everything is handmade, checked and controlled by us here in Manchester, the world’s first industrial city.

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