1. Why K2? Arguably the hardest and one of the most dangerous mountains on the planet, you have tried it once before, why again?

K2 represents the ultimate mountaineering challenge, an extreme test of any individual and team’s skill and experience. For me it's the gold medal of Mountaineering. Having not managed to reach the summit in 2009, I'm determined this year to try to get to the top and back down safely.

2. Where are you on the K2 climb, and what can you see?

Currently at our final camp before base camp – we can't see much due to the cloud and snow, but every so often we get a glimpse of our objective, looming ominously out of the cloud.

3. What has been the most difficult part so far?

So far the hardest part was the heat during the first half of the 120km walk to base camp; however soon it will be the cold, and that’s before we even get onto the mountain!

4. How quickly does time pass throughout the day and what keeps you going?

Time goes pretty slowly. What keeps us going is either reaching the next camp and having a brew, or an excuse to get into the sleeping bag (especially at night) – to keep warm and sleep!

5. Which Bremont timepiece are you wearing and what makes it work for you?

I'm currently wearing the new MBII white dial. I love the fact that it has been tested to extremes by Martin Baker and therefore I have no doubt it'll survive the crashes, bangs and shocks I may put it through.

6. Which Bremont models have you worn since you started working with the brand around 10 years ago?

I had a prototype ALT1-P which was on K2 with me in 2009. I've taken a Supermarine S500 diving with great white sharks, an ALT1-Z to Afghanistan, I got married wearing an ALT1-C, and alternate between that and the Boeing 247 as my day to day watch.

7. What excites you the most about this trip?

The opportunity to complete unfinished business. The measure of a person shouldn't be how they conquer things that come easily to them, but how they have the determination and tenacity to return to challenges that have previously beaten them.

Keep an eye on Jake’s blog to follow his progress!

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Like Jake, the MBII has been tested beyond endurance. Tested and designed in conjunction with the iconic British aviation company ‘Martin-Baker’, the MBII White offers a fresh and striking new look providing further choice to the classic collection. The new model features the distinctive knurled effect on the aluminium barrel inspired by components on the ejection seats themselves and is available in orange, blue, green and anthracite. Equally the yellow and black loop at the end of the second hand is a direct reference to the ejection pull handle.


Bremont MBII-WH


Clear blue skies from K2 as an exciting and challenging few days are in store for Jake.

Jake posts his final video before his summit attempt.

Jake is currently on a mission to reach the peak of K2, in attempt to become one of the youngest Brits to climb the ‘Savage Mountain’. At 8,611m, K2 in Pakistan is the world’s second highest mountain and arguably one of the most difficult and dangerous, with a near 25% death to summit ratio. So far, there have only been roughly 350 successful ascents, whereas for Everest the figure is closer to 7000.

Professional Mountaineer Jake Meyer is one of Bremont’s first ever Ambassadors, we are thrilled to still be partners 10 years later. At the age of 21, Jake summited Mount Everest and achieved his dream of becoming the youngest man in the world to complete the Seven Summits.

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