The Oxford & Cambridge Far Eastern Expedition - The First Overland - made history in 1955 by being the first to drive from London to Singapore. Now, one of the original team members, Tim Slessor joins a new team in remaking history for a new generation of adventurers.

The Last Overland Expedition left from Singapore on Sunday August 25th 2019, aiming to arrive in London 100 days later.

One of the 20th century’s most iconic and challenging road journeys is being recreated. The young team that first embarked on The Oxford & Cambridge Far Eastern Expedition - The First Overland - not only made history being the first to drive from London to Singapore, but they inspired generations of adventurers through their extraordinary endeavour, showing many remote corners of the world on film for the first time.

Driving the original 1955 Series One Land Rover (‘Oxford’), Tim Slessor and Alex Bescoby, alongside their experienced team, will forge the path through some of the densest jungles, highest mountains and most arid deserts on the planet, returning the car from Singapore to London.

The Last Overland

The Last Overland Expedition 1955

The ‘Oxford’

The Land Rover 86” station wagon being used for The Last Overland was dubbed 'Oxford'. It was loaned to the 1955 Expedition for the journey and after completion, the car ended up on remote Saint Helena in the mid-Atlantic.

As time progressed, most of 'Oxford' was dismantled and left rest to rust, but in 2017 a determined Yorkshireman - Adam Bennett - recovered, refurbished and brought back to life in the UK.

It passed its MOT at the first attempt, and its original SNX891 number plate was reinstated. Last year, Adam gifted ‘Oxford’ to Tim, Alex and the team for one last adventure.

The Last Overland Expedition

The Route

This time they will make the 10,000 mile journey in reverse, from Singapore to London.

The route takes them across three continents and through the jungles of Malaysia and Myanmar, the mountains of the Himalayas and northern Turkey, and the deserts of the Middle East. This includes over twenty countries, including Nepal, China, Uzbekistan, Iran and Bulgaria.

The map below shows both the first expedition route and The Last Overland route.

The route map

Bremont supports The Last Overland

Bremont are thrilled to be supporting this thoroughly British adventure.

“The Last Overland expedition ties in beautifully with Bremont’s ethos of adventure and British engineering. The journey that the Land Rover ‘Oxford’ will endeavour, with an extraordinary team of both young and old, is a truly exciting voyage and one that we at Bremont are delighted to be supporting along with their nominated charities.

Both Nick and I wish we could be there with our Land Rovers joining this amazing historical expedition, it truly is a trip of a lifetime! We are proud supporters of the team and will be following their travels closely.”

— Giles English, Co-Founder Bremont Watch Company

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