Bremont Announced As Official Timing Partner For The 2014 Henley Classic Swim

Bremont Watch Company is pleased to announce it will be timing partner for the 2014 Henley Classic Swim

Bremont Watch Company is pleased to announce it will be timing partner for the 2014 Henley Classic. The inaugural swim took place back in 2004 when event organisers, Tom Kean and Jeremy Laming, decided their backs had finally had enough of rowing and that it might be nice to swim the Henley Regatta course. To do this without disrupting the rowing community, dawn was decided as the optimum time of day to do it, and Jeremy’s rowing club (Upper Thames) was nominated as the best place to meet.

Henley Swim Events is passionate about creating unique open water swimming events. Having first run the Henley Classic in 2004, there are now 4 events; The Bridge to Bridge, the Henley Mile and the Club to Pub. Henley Swim Co-founders Jeremy Laming and Tom Kean are delighted to be working with Henley based business Bremont this year which marks the 10th anniversary of the Henley Classic and they are confident that this partnership will evolve well beyond this year’s Classic.

Jeremy Laming, Henley Swim, Co-Founder

"When we looked into Bremont we saw so many elements of their organisation that reflected our own values and aspirations that we knew immediately we could benefit from working together. Like us they're a local organisation who've established a big following within 10 years. Like us they serve people who place extraordinary demands on themselves, and like us everything they produce is meticulously crafted, unique and captures the spirit of adventure. We are excited to be working together and look forward to a partnership that will endure well into the future."

Nick English, Bremont, Co-Founder

"As a Henley based business it is fantastic to be supporting local initiatives. One of our ambassadors Graham Bell is set to swim the Classic again this year so we will of course be supporting him also. Henley Royal Regatta is undoubtedly the best known regatta in the world and is one of the highlights in the summer sporting calendar so we are proud to be involved and marking the occasion in this way."

About Henley Swim

Started in 2004 when two ex-rowers, Tom Kean and Jeremy Laming, decided they wanted to swim the regatta course, with the regatta infrastructure all in place. They did it at 04:30 in the morning in order to not get in the way of the rowing event. The upstream course measures 2112m, and is swum in between the regatta booms. In 2006 a flaming torch was added to proceedings to lead the swimmers up to Temple Island in darkness before the sun comes up and the swim starts. This has now become a feature of the event.

The Henley Swim became an official event in 2008 which saw 400 places selling out in a matter of minutes. The Inman and Ovey cups, awarded to the overall winners of the event, date back to the 1890ís when open water swimming races in the Thames were commonplace. These cups are on show at the river rowing museum and have been donated to the Swim; each year the winners have their names engraved on the cup bases. The 2013 men's winner is German international Alex Studzinski, and the ladies winner is GB team member Fern Davies. A number of ex-Olympians and celebrities regularly take part in the event, including Karen Pickering, Greg Whyte, Graham Bell, and this year Adrian Moorhouse. 2014 marks the 10 year anniversary of the Henley Classic swim and has 850 entries.