Do your straps come with a warranty?

Our straps do not come with a warranty but, if you feel that your strap has degraded in an unreasonably short length of time, please contact and we would be pleased to help you.

How do I change the strap?

Remove the strap by using the forked end of the watch tool to carefully lever the spring bar out of the lugs. To fit a different strap; place one end of the spring bar into the hole in the lug and use the forked end of the watch tool to lever the other end into position. What the video here.

If you wish to change the strap on your rose gold or white gold watch then it is advised that you visit your Authorised Dealer to avoid damaging the case.

What is the appropriate strap size for my watch?

22mm straps fit 43mm and 45mm cases
20mm straps fit 40mm and 37mm cases
16mm straps fit 32mm cases