How can I get my watch demagnetised?

The Bremont Boutiques are equipped with demagnetising equipment. If you need your watch to be demagnetized then this is a straightforward process that can be undertaken while you wait. Alternatively, please take your watch to an Authorised Dealer or send it back to the Henley workshop where it will undergo a full assessment.

What accuracy can I expect from my Bremont?

When a Bremont timepiece leaves the workshop, it will have been regulated to within ISO 3159 (Timekeeping Instruments – Wrist chronometers with spring balance oscillator) certification parameters of -4 to +6 seconds per day. These tolerances are the industry standard.

What is magnetisation?

As your mechanical watch contains metal it may have become magnetised through encountering a magnetic field, affecting the accuracy of its timekeeping. Magnetic fields can emanate from many everyday objects including computer hard drives, fridge doors, magnetic iPad cases, speakers, mobile phones on charge, induction stoves, magnetic catches on handbags, medical equipment, security scanners etc. They do not cause permanent damage.