Customer Watch Registration


Purchase location

Please provide an image of the original receipt, including the retailers name, location and the date of purchase OR an image of the COSC form included in your watch wallet, which must be stamped or signed by the retailer.

Watch details

Please ensure you select your exact watch model. This can be found on the box your watch wallet is packaged in or on the COSC form inside your watch wallet.

Located on the back of the watch.

This should match the date of purchase on your receipt.

Customer Details

Please only submit the customer email

Bremont require customer details to issue the certificate and Warranty to the customer. The certificate will be posted to the customer directly.


Please let us know if you have any special requirements for your COSC form e.g. If this is a gift, please state the earliest date you would like us to send the COSC form to the watch owner.

To see the Bremont Privacy Policy, please click here