Jordan Wylie is a former British soldier, best selling author and extreme adventurer who endeavours to push the boundaries in all aspects of his life, which test him beyond endurance. Jordan is perhaps best known for his incredible charity challenges which highlight his passion for helping others. This is complemented by his various roles as a trustee, ambassador and volunteer for many charities and good causes worldwide.

After ten years exemplary service in Her Majesties Armed Forces as a reconnaissance, surveillance and intelligence expert, Jordan has spent his recent years advising the global shipping industry on how to protect themselves from piracy and armed criminals at sea.

Jordan is a regular in the national and international media and has presenting documentaries in both the UK & US focusing on complex, hostile and remote environments around the world. In 2018 Jordan joined the BAFTA nominated Channel 4 series, ‘Hunted’ where he is one of the ex military hunters tracking fugitives across the UK , working alongside the world’s leading former police and security services experts.

Running Dangerously

Jordans' project 'Running Dangerously' see's him run a 10k in Somalia, a half marathon in Iraq and a full marathon in Afghanistan in 2018. These war torn countries are considered among some of the most dangerous in the world, especially for a former soldier. With lots of security considerations Jordan is continually assessing the risks and after being diagnosed with epilepsy last year, he needs to closely manage the effects that this challenge might have on his body.
Jordan's charity project is helping to raise awareness for children in war torn countries and he is working with a number of charities to provide education to children who have been effected by war.

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“Timekeeping is everything. It’s one of the few things you can never buy more of and also one of the greatest gifts you can ever give someone. Time is the ultimate currency of life and we should all spend it very wisely.”

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Adventurer and author

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Blackpool, Lancashire

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Andover, Hampshire

Special talent

Hunting fugitives (on Channel 4's Hunted)

Philosophy of life

Be the difference that makes a difference

Cup of tea

Lancashire tea

My Bremont

The Bremont S500

Most interesting place I’ve taken my Bremont

Somaliland, Horn of Africa

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The S500 was named as a tribute to the brothers' love of the iconic British aircraft manufacturer responsible for the Supermarine S6B Schneider Trophy Seaplane and of course the incredible Supermarine Spitfire.