Limited Edition 1918


Bremont commemorates the centenary of the RAF with the ‘Bremont 1918’ Limited Edition watch, incorporating 4 parts of historical war time aircraft.


    A Bristol Blenheim, a Supermarine Spitfire and a Hawker Hurricane that all flew during the summer of 1940 are incorporated into this remarkable timepiece. Each of these Battle of Britain aircraft forms a propeller blade in the rotor and are complemented by a veneer of original wood from the Shuttleworth Collection’s 1917 SE5a which can be found at its centre.
    The Bremont 1918 Limited Edition commemorates an important milestone in 2018 when the Royal Air Force celebrates its centenary year.
    Named in tribute to the RAF’s founding year, the Bremont 1918 takes inspiration from the RAF’s rich past, as company Co-Founder Giles English describes, “With this classic men’s watch we have tried to incorporate some subtle design features from the traditional RAF issue sector clock. It is also the first time that we have used an am/pm indicator, which has been carefully designed to depict the iconic Supermarine Spitfire dogfighting in the Battle of Britain during the day, and then the legendary Avro Lancaster bomber flying on a night mission lit up by searchlights.' In another first for Bremont the 1918 will also incorporate a telemeter bezel.
    Limited to 75 pieces.

    Bremont Watch Company Pty Ltd
    Bremont Watch Company Pty Ltd
    Limited Edition 1918
    1918 Rose Gold

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    It is not completely unexpected to find that the world sets its time by Greenwich and not by Geneva. Whilst Geneva and Switzerland may be producing the vast majority of luxury wristwatches today, this certainly wasn’t always the case. In 1800 half of the world's watches, around 200,000 pieces a year, were produced on British shores by British watchmakers, which is an incredible statistic. Another wonderful statistic is that probably over 60-70% of the innovation in a modern day mechanical watch has come from Britain, including every major escapement design. Bremont's mission has always been to play a part in bringing back watchmaking to British shores.