Rockin' around the ALT1-C

One of the very first models that Co-Founders Nick and Giles introduced into the Bremont collection was the ALT1-C Classic. Just as the name suggests, the model has become the ‘iconic’ Bremont core range timepiece. The ALT1-C remains true to each of the technical principles behind any revered automatic timepiece. Integrating an impeccably modified, chronometer-rated Valjoux 7750-SO BI AC movement, the ALT1-C brings together the art of watch making with the very best of technical innovation, precision and durability.

Finish off your classic look with our Radial Rotor Cufflinks, designed to resemble the rotor of the ALT1-C wrist watch, or switch your leather strap for a NATO one for a more casual look.



Bremont Ambassador Nirmal ‘Nims’ Purja conquers K2 in winter with no supplementary oxygen. Deemed to be the last of the great mountaineering challenges, Nims can now add yet another world first to his extraordinary list of achievements. K2 is not...

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