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Over the years, Bremont has developed its Supermarine diving watch collection to the exacting specifications required for professional divers and military personnel, having worked with the likes of the Royal Navy Clearance Divers, Special Forces Units, North Sea Deep Sea Divers and the Royal Marines. Bremont has also worked closely with open water swimmers, free divers, scuba divers and professional sailing teams to ensure our watches can be relied on in any nautical environment. As such, our watches have achieved an enviable pedigree in this field and we are incredibly proud to have created a product which is relied on by the best.

  • Bremont Watch Company Pty Ltd

    3 year extensive warranty

    Each watch has undergone strict quality control and testing procedures by our highly skilled Bremont Watchmakers and is covered by an extensive warranty.

  • Bremont Watch Company Pty Ltd


    Bremont has been on a significant drive to invest in its in-house manufacturing and technology, based in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire.

  • Bremont Watch Company Pty Ltd


    Our dive watches provide water resistance from 200m to 2000m and are worn by professionals including Royal Navy Clearance Divers.

water resistant to 200m

The Supermarine Chronograph

dive watch principles

water resistant to 300m

the supermarine s300

dive watch principles

trip-tick®️ case

Bremont watch cases are made using our unique Trip-Tick®️ case design constructed of three key elements; the top bezel, middle barrel and case back. Many Bremont Supermarine models with water resistance of 500m and beyond have a built in soft-iron Faraday cage surrounding the movement. This cage helps shield the mechanical watch movement against electrostatic and magnetic forces.

water resistant to 500m

the supermarine s500

dive watch principles

visibility at depths

Distinguishable markings on the watch face are a key design requisite on most of the Supermarine collection. As a result, we use Super-LumiNova® to ensure the clearest legibility in poor lighting conditions. The luminosity of a watch depends on the pigments that have compounds which, after charging from a light source, emit a glow for several hours thereafter.

water resistant to 2000m

the supermarine s2000

dive watch principles

helium escape valve

A helium release valve is fitted to the S500 and S2000 ranges to prevent the crystal being blown out by an internal pressure build up, which is caused by helium that has seeped into the watch case.


the waterman apex

tested beyond endurance

as worn by laird hamilton

World renowned “waterman” Laird Hamilton is known as the guiding genius of crossover board sports, and is largely considered the primary influence behind many surfing innovations, including tow-in surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, and hydrofoil boarding. Surfer Magazine has labeled Laird as, “the sport’s most complete surfer,displaying almost unnerving expertise in a multitude of disciplines, and flat out surfing’s biggest, boldest, bravest, and the best big wave surfer in the world today, bar none.”

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the argonaut

Although not part of the Bremont Supermarine collection, the Bremont Argonaut is a 42mm hardened steel-cased military dive watch, houses a three-handed chronometer rated BE-92AV movement. With minutes being so critical in the marine environment, the highly legible orange minute hand can be seen very clearly and is filled with custom green Super-LumiNova®.

tried and tested

Royal Navy Clearance Divers

The Royal Navy Clearance Divers are an elite team responsible for mine clearance operations based in Portsmouth who rely heavily on timing, precision and durability. The Bremont Argonaut has been designed around these key principles.