The new Bremont Williams Racing watch

the world’s first 100% accurate watch.


Bremont Williams Racing watch

Bremont timepieces are famously reliable. Each one is a certified chronometer no less. We’re proud to say that every Bremont watch is 99.998% accurate. But that last 0.002% has always bothered us. And we’re always looking for ways to improve our accuracy. So, when the idea of a collaboration with Williams Racing was first mooted, we got to thinking. What innovations could we adopt from the high-octane world of motorsport? Our recently-arrived Head of R&D, Lol Pafrio, spent long hours pondering the problem. The eureka moment came late one evening, in, of all places, the saloon bar of the Hart Street Tavern in Henley-on-Thames, very close to Bremont HQ. DRS. Drag reduction is well-known in motor racing. The addition of an adjustable wing applies downward force which can increase the driver's speed at the touch of a button. Could we employ something similar in the design of the Bremont WR-22 watch? Could downward force make a watch go fractionally faster in the same way it makes an elite racing car go faster? Lol assured us that it could. And the result you see here: the world’s first 100% accurate watch.
Meanwhile, the plaudits, as you might imagine, have been flooding in. But we really can’t take the credit for this. It’s all Lol’s.

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