the making of the limited edition longitude


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As reflected by its name, the Bremont Longitude pays tribute to Great Britain’s role in clock and watchmaking, and contribution to time, astronomy and navigation. In the 1800s, just over a century ago, close to half of the world’s clocks and pocket watches were made in this country, as was so much of the horological design and innovation. It has always been Bremont’s ambition to bring the art of industrial high-end watchmaking back to British shores. The classic yet contemporary design of the Limited Edition Bremont Longitude marks a significant milestone in this journey.

With only a very exclusive run of 150 steel, 75 rose gold and 75 white gold pieces available, the Longitude is the first of Bremont’s historic Limited Editions to be produced at The Wing, a 35,000 square foot facility which was custom designed to enable Bremont’s manufacture of great British watches. The Limited Edition Longitude is the first timepiece to house the new movement and the ENG300 series will come with an increased warranty of 5 years.

The Longitude Collection